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What is Primary Myelofibrosis (MF)?

Primary Myelofibrosis (MF)

PMF is a chronic blood cancer in which excessive scar tissue forms in the bone marrow and impairs its ability to produce normal blood cells.

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What is Essential Thrombocythemia (ET)?

Essential Thrombocythemia (ET)

Most commonly diagnosed in women over the age of 50, ET is associated with a proliferation of platelet precursors in the bone marrow and complications frequently include blood clotting and/or bleeding.

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What is Polycythemia Vera (PV)

Polycythemia Vera (PV)

The disease is most common in men over the age of 60, but anyone can develop PV. PV patients typically experience an elevated red blood cell count, an elevated platelet count and an enlarged spleen, especially over time.

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Recent News

  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Non-melanoma skin cancer and MPNs

    MPN NEWS | May 11, 2024

    May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Research shows a link between skin cancers and MPNs. Diligent screening is crucial for those living with essential thrombocythemia (ET), polycythemia vera (PV), and myelofibrosis (MF).  Skin cancers, particularly non-melanomas, offer an example of how quickly and impactfully research can move to action that saves lives.  A recently published… Read More »Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Non-melanoma skin cancer and MPNs


    Medscape Partners with MPNRF to help MF patients work with their care teams

    MPN NEWS | April 29, 2024

    Through a strategic collaboration between MPN Research Foundation and Medscape, people living with myelofibrosis (MF) and their care partners can learn more about MF, then test their knowledge about this chronic blood cancer. In addition to providing basic facts about primary and secondary myelofibrosis, this interactive exercise includes current insight about how to manage your… Read More »Medscape Partners with MPNRF to help MF patients work with their care teams


    Severe Itching Remains an MPN Research Challenge

    MPN NEWS | April 23, 2024

    This spring allergy season, if you suffer from the distraction and annoyance of itchy eyes or nose, imagine that intense itch across your entire body – every day of the year. That’s what many people living with polycythemia vera (PV) and other MPNs experience. Severe, recurrent MPN-related pruritus (the condition of itching) can have a… Read More »Severe Itching Remains an MPN Research Challenge

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