• MPNRF | April 30, 2011

    A typical non-profit structure includes a board of directors, who oversee the organization at a high level and ensure the mission is being pursued, and staff, who execute the vision of the board. In between these levels there is the possibility for another layer: committees. Committees for non-profits are often comprised of people who are also on the board, staff and occassionally people from outside the organization who lend both a different perspective and expertise in the subject matter. 

    MPN Research Foundation has three committees that meet regularly:

    Finance – Headed by our Treasurer, this committee helps us to keep our financial world in order. They also prepare us for the annual audit which culminates in the filing of our 990

    Fundraising – This committee is chaired by our VP of Development. Those on the committee include patients, patient family members, staff and board members who meet quarterly to assist with and plan for fundraising projects.

    Scientific Evaluation – Currently this committee consists of board members and our Scientific Advisor who meet to discuss upcoming Requests for Proposals (RFP), progress of projects funded by the Foundation, make grant recommendations, and brainstorm on how to best use advances in science to the benefit of MPN patients.

    Aside from our regular committees, we also have “pop-up” committees that meet to advise and strategize on a specific project. Our Website Overhaul committee helped us with the redesign of this sight, and our Outreach and Marketing committee works on and off to evaluate how the Foundation is reaching out. With the volunteer committees the Foundation is able to expand their thinking on issues that bear on the MPN community without having to hire individuals trained to tackle each subject. We are lucky to have such engaged and talented people working with us to execute our mission.