• MPNRF | April 30, 2009

    Since our letter to you this summer, progress has been made in clinical trials for each MPN disease group (ET, PV and MF), the promise of which is that more treatment options for all MPN patients are on the horizon. In addition, academic scientists are beginning to understand how JAK inhibitors work while at the same time combination therapies are being tested. The MPN Research Foundation is continuing our existing grants, and also have made the first awards for the MF Challenge, an innovative program aimed at halting and reversing bone marrow fibrosis for MF patients.

    But as Brady Stein illustrates, there is much more research needed to achieve an understanding of the causes of ET, PV and MF. In order to continue the flow of innovative ideas and increase the number of investigators invested in MPNs – which will contribute to finding cure and better treatments sooner – we need your support.

    Help us finish the journey. 

    If you ever ask yourself whether your contributions to the Foundation have made a difference, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Patients and their families have helped the MPN Research Foundation to fund over $8.2 million in productive research. We need your continued support now as we pursue areas of research that need our attention.

    We look forward to the day when you will stop receiving these letters because every MPN patient has access to effective treatment and the hope for a cure, but today is not that day. Please join us in this journey by making a donation today.

    Robert Rosen
    PV patient and Chairman and Founder of the MPN Research Foundation