• MPNRF | May 3, 2020

    The MPD Foundation acts as a great resource for patients and those wishing to host MPD Patient Support groups across the U.S. and in other countries. Recently, several group coordinators and representatives from the Foundation held a conference call meeting to discuss goals, challenges and successes and to explore ways in which the Foundation could provide greater assistance with their actvities and growth and how the patient support groups could assist the MPD Foundation in achieving their mission and goals.

    There are now over ten active support groups including one in Canada and one in Australia. Most groups meet three to four times per year in a variety of locations. The average size of a patient support group is twenty-five members. All of the groups share up to date information about MPDs and have discovered a heightened interest and greater attendance by their membership when guest speakers participate.

    The Foundation provides collateral material, including patient brochures, literature and recent publications, access to leading experts in the field of MPDs, access to patients and hematologists, in-person visits and access to our web site.

    The MPD Foundation will continue to host periodic conference call meetings with patient support group coordinators and host an annual meeting in person at a location to be determined.

    For more information, please contact Ann Brazeau, Associate Director, at 312-683-7226 or by email at