• MPNRF | September 30, 2015

    September 30, 2015

    It’s the last day of September, and we’ve worked hard over the past four weeks plus to raise awareness about the need for research funding and care for people living with Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia and Myelofibrosis. We’ve raised $30,000 during this month, all of which will be put towards ground breaking research that would not be done otherwise. We want to thank every single supporter of the MPN community including everyone living with the disease as well as their friends, families, co-workers who contributed to this.

    We also want to say thank you to a few other organizations that made this possible. MPN Research Foundation runs a lean operation, with only 3 full time and 1 part time employees who work towards connecting patients to the information they need as well as funding the best research focused on MPN. There’s not a lot leftover for campaigns like “Blood Cancer Awareness Month”, which is where our industry sponsors come in. We have been given sponsorship by several companies this month who have made the social media postings, infographics and new caregiver video possible. Their support means that YOUR gifts to the Foundation go towards research, which is exactly where you want it.

    So we wanted to thank the following companies for their support for our activities during September:

    Slowly and steadily we are making progress towards realizing better treatment options and hopefully a cure for everyone living with PV, ET and MF.