Targeted Oncology Highlights Global Interferon Initiative

  • MPNRF | December 29, 2021

    In an article in Targeted Oncology entitled, “The Expanding Role of Interferons in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms,” Dr. Richard Silver, director emeritus of the Silver MPN Center at Weill Cornell Medicine, discussed the importance of our three-year global Interferon Initiative to shed light on key questions such as which patients are likely to benefit from recombinant interferon alpha and why resistance to it may develop over time. 

     Dr. Silver was one of the academic advisors who met annually with and provided input to the global team of investigators conducting the research projects funded as part of the Interferon Initiative. As explained in the Scientific Summary of the Interferon Initiative, the research is expected to lead to more rational drug combination trials and potentially new drug targets to enhance the activity of interferon. We are also closer to optimizing interferon treatment strategies based on a patient’s specific driver mutation, mutant allele burden and overall genomic profile.  

    Read more about our Interferon Initiative here.