• MPNRF | December 3, 2013

    December 3, 2013

    As you may have heard, a clinical trial of PRM-151 in patients with myelofibrosis, including primary MF, post polycythemia MF, and post essential thrombocythemia MF is now open at the centers listed below. PRM-151 is a pharmaceutically produced form of Pentraxin-2, a naturally occurring protein that plays a role in the body’s normal healing process by preventing and reversing fibrosis. PRM-151 is being tested in myelofibrosis to see if it can reverse the fibrosis in the bone marrow and restore normal production of blood cells, reduction of splenomegaly, and improvement of symptoms.

    The study is looking for someone who has been on a stable dose of ruxolitinib for at least 3 months and who might benefit from the addition of a treatment like PRM-151 to ruxolitinib. Treatments consist of a one hour intravenous infusion three times in the first week (Days 1, 3 and 5), followed by treatment once a week. Ruxolitinib will be continued at the regular dose in addition to the PRM-151 infusions. Treatment will be given for 6 months, but may be continued beyond 6 months if it is having a beneficial effect. Please consult with your family and doctor(s) as you consider participating in a clinical trial. 

    If the results from the first 24 patients look promising, the study will reopen to enroll approximately 80 more patients.

    The trial sites and contact people are listed below.

    MD Anderson, Texas: Heather Schneider, 713-792-4478,

    Stanford, California: Andrea Linder, 650-725-4047,

    Arizona: Vineta Ghurye, 480-301-9191,

    Vancouver: Gail Vicente, 604-682-2344 x 63272,

    Princess Margaret, Toronto: Ellen Church

    Mt. Sinai, New York: Sarah Han