• MPNRF | April 8, 2014

    April 8, 2014

    The primary use of Pegasys over the years has been for the treatment of Hepatitis C. However, in recent months new drugs have been approved for Hepatitis C which will change the standard of care for many or most of these patients. Many MPN patients who use Pegasys have been concerned that Roche will now no longer be motivated to produce Pegasys for a clearly reduced demand relating to Hepatitis. It is our understanding at the MPN Research Foundation that Pegasys will still be in production for the small subset of Hep C patients whose treatment needs will not be met by an interferon free therapy.

    For background information on Pegasys and MPNs click here. We are also being proactive by including Interferon as one of our focus areas for our most recent RFP.