• MPNRF | June 6, 2020

    Michelle Woehrle, Steps Down as Executive Director but Continues Fighting for MPN Community

    I write this from my home, which has become my office now thanks to Covid-19.  I want to personally let you know that once a replacement is found, I will be stepping down from the role of Executive Director of the MPN Research Foundation. The official announcement is here, and the search for a new ED is well underway.

    This change is entirely personal for me since. Even before lives were upended by the pandemic I was looking to spend more time with my family than leading MPNRF allowed.  I am really proud that the Foundation Board of Directors and staff are fully engaged, even during this difficult time.  No momentum in our important work has been lost either due to my announcement or due to the pandemic. And I am not disappearing from the MPN world; I plan to help with the transition of the new ED and continuing as a consultant to MPNRF as long as I can contribute to the Foundation’s mission.

    It has been an incredible learning experience and joy to do all I can for the people living with an MPN. I remain so impressed by their resilience. As well I am in awe of the research community dedicated to solving the problems that people with PV, ET, and MF live with. I know that, thanks to that brainpower and the dedication of all of MPNRF’s supporters, it is only a matter of time before therapies and cures are identified.

    Michelle Woehrle
    Executive Director
    MPN Research Foundation