MPN news to expect at ASH 2023

  • MPNRF | November 29, 2023

    Each year at the Annual Meeting of The American Society of Hematology (ASH), there are more MPN research and clinical trial reports. This year, some unique highlights include 16 topics we find notable, along with many others with a potential connection to MPNs. 

    1. Artificial intelligence (AI) to differentiate between essential thrombocythemia and prefibrotic primary myelofibrosis. 
    2. New evidence and treatments to personalize MPN care for better outcomes. 
    3. Advances in alleviating or reducing anemia. 
    4. Sequencing and optimizing new drugs and combination drug therapies.  
    5. Tools to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in hematology clinical trials. 
    6. Natural killer cells – a new frontier for immunotherapy. 
    7. Defining low-risk vs high-risk MPNs without reliance on bone marrow biopsies. 
    8. Reducing phlebotomy and enlarged spleen with safer dosing of idasanutlin.  
    9. Firstline treatment of polycythemia vera with ruxolitinib. 
    10. Treating MF JAK inhibitor naïve patients with pelabresib and ruxolitinib   
    11. Impact of cytoreductive drugs on adolescents and young adults with ET and PV. 
    12. Interferon-A vs hydroxyurea for untreated MPNs or patients unable to take ruxolitinib. 
    13. Altering disease trajectory, enhancing survival with naviticlax and ruxolitinib. 
    14. Management of bleeding risks for MPN patients undergoing unrelated surgeries. 
    15. Understanding CALR mutations have lower risk of clots (thrombosis), higher risk of ET progression. 
    16. Early preclinical research i.e., identification of agent that targets JAK2V617F mutation with potential to eliminate mutant cells, induce molecular remission. 

    MPNRF Supported Researchers Represented at ASH 2023