• MPNRF | August 18, 2015

    August 18, 2015

    You may have noticed a change to our logo and tagline, which went live Tuesday August 18th. Our new logo is bolder, with a tagline to match. The updated logo for MPN Research Foundation accompanies the tagline, “Change your prognosis”, which articulates the essence of what the organization is here for. We help you improve your life and prognosis by: i) funding original research to drive understanding of the disease pathways ultimately leading to new, more targeted therapies  ii) making you aware of available therapies and clinical trials, and iii) ii) educating you on your disease.

    We are excited about this inspirational tagline which will replace “Advancing Blood Cancer Research”.  As we prepare to embark on our 15th year of grant-making we are more focused on ever on doing what it is we do best; driving scientific interest and funding towards Polycythemia Vera, Essential Thrombocythemia and Myelofibrosis. Thank you for your continued support.