• MPNRF | April 7, 2018

    Watch the video below from news outlet ABC 7 Chicago and learn about how Interferon changed the life of ET patient, Karrie Schwartz. Interferon is an off-label drug that is currently the only treatment to provide disease-altering effects for MPN patients. However, we don’t understand why it works and why it works for some patients and not others. In an attempt to answer these question, MPN Research Foundation launched a multi-center partnership last year called the Interferon Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to explore the use of Interferon in MPN patients.

    Stories like Karrie’s are the reason MPNRF is dedicated to investing time and resources into opportunities for repurposing existing drugs and figuring out the mechanisms of action that lead to results. It is our hope that the Interferon Initiative will help pave the way for better interferon compounds and will bring new treatments to light for MPN patients.

    If you would like to make a difference in MPN research, please consider making a donation to the Interferon Initiative by clicking here.