• MPNRF | January 20, 2014

    January 20, 2014

    House and Senate Appropriations Chairs Hal Rogers and Barbara Mikulski released their FY 2014 omnibus appropriations bill last week. Based on a baseline FY13 budget of $28.9 billion, the NIH receives a $1 billion increase in the omnibus (3.5 percent), bringing the NIH budget to $29.9 billion in FY14. Over the past year, with other members of One Voice Against Cancer (OVAC), the MPN Research Foundation met with members of Congress to share personal experiences and explain the need for increased funding for research on MPNs.

    “The MPN Research Foundation is thrilled by the bipartisan efforts of Congress and its recognition of the important messages delivered by fellow members of OVAC. Their efforts effectively conveyed the critical need for increased funding for new treatments for all types of cancer,” said Robert Rosen, the Chairman of the MPN Research Foundation. “We are committed to the families facing these rare blood cancers and changing the trajectory of these diseases.”

    The funding allocated for NIH includes a $1 billion increase bringing the NIH budget to $29.9 billion in FY14. This does not restore the NIH to its pre-sequestration budget of $30.6 billion, but is an important step in the right direction. Included in the NIH number is $4.923 billion for NCI, a $144 million increase over the FY13 budget. NIMHD and NINR also received 3 percent increases.

    The MPN Research Foundation commends Congress’ bipartisan dedication to this cause despite unprecedented fiscal challenges but will continue to push for more funding from NIH to cancer research, in particular for programs that affect PV, ET, and MF patients.