• MPNRF | September 24, 2018

    The FDA announced that they have awarded 12 new clinical trial research grants toward advancing the development of treatments of rare diseases. We are pleased the FDA is investing in rare diseases. While they are not directly funding PV, ET or MF research two of the projects are related.

    Dr. Yang Liu with Oncolmmune, Inc. in Rockville, Maryland) was granted $2 million over four years for a phase 2b study of CD24Fc for the prevention of graft versus host disease, which is a concern for any MPN patient who undergoes a stem cell transplant. Dr. Amy Dezern with Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland was granted $750,000 over three years for a phase 1/2 study of CD8-reduced T cells for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome or acute myeloid leukemia, cancer that some MPN patients have a chance of progressing to.

    According to the news release, “The FDA awarded these grants through the Orphan Products Clinical Trials Grants Program. This program is funded by Congressional appropriations and encourages clinical development of drugs, biologics, medical devices or medical foods for use in rare diseases. The grants are intended for clinical studies evaluating the safety and effectiveness of products that could either result in or substantially contribute to, the FDA approval of products targeted to the treatment of rare diseases.”

    Click here to read the full news release from the FDA.