• MPNRF | April 7, 2021

    A TGF-Beta inhibitor – AVID 200 – is joining the race for new therapies for myeloproliferative neoplasms. In a press release published today, Forbius Biologics Inc. announced that the first myelofibrosis patient has been dosed in their phase 1b myelofibrosis trial of AVID 200, a novel TGF-Beta inhibitor. The investigator-initiated trial is being run by the MPN Research Consortium, a global collective of MPN researchers working to accelerate the study of MPNs and drug trials, headed by Dr. Ronald Hoffman at Mt Sinai School of Medicine. The hope for this class of drugs and AVID 200, in particular, is that it will have a positive impact on both bone marrow fibrosis and anemia as well as relieve symptoms.

    “The MPN-RC is funded by the NIH to conduct clinical trials based on the most promising preclinical MPN research. The goal of the consortium is to adapt quickly in response to scientific advances and a changing clinical landscape, in order to develop effective therapeutics for MPN patients.” Click here to read the press release by Forbius, the company developing AVID 200.

    The Foundation supported the inception of the MPD-RC in 2006 and is encouraged by their continued work and investment in MPNs. To learn more about this clinical trial visit and speak to your hematologist.