Benefits of Giving to MPN Research in Your Will

  • MPNRF | June 27, 2023

    It’s not something most of us think about, but including in your will a gift to a cause you care about, like MPN Research Foundation, has personal benefits for you long before your assets are distributed as you wish. 

    Four benefits you can collect on now:
    1. Lessening anxiety. Thinking and planning ahead can make it less daunting for people you love to talk about what happens when you’re gone. And it gives you reassurance that the people and causes close to your heart are taken care of.
    2. Lending perspective. Taking stock of what’s important to you can help you focus on your goals and be more aware of how you want to impact the world.
    3. Setting an example. Your gift can be an inspiration. Your story can have a ripple effect on your loved ones or others who learn of it.
    4. It just feels good. Really, it does! Research shows that the act of giving reduces stress-related activity in one area of the brain while increasing reward-related activity in another.

    Where to Start 
    Loved ones are naturally the first people to consider when creating your will. Then, think about the not-for-profits you want to support, such as MPNRF. Providing for causes you care about is a meaningful way to demonstrate your values, which may lead others to follow in your footsteps – compounding your legacy. 

    Join Others Like You 
    Investing in the future of MPN research through MPNRF, by providing for a gift in your will, means you share a vision with others who are committed to helping to shape the MPN knowledge and treatment landscape, contributing to potential disease prevention and potentially a cure.

    Please, let us know about a gift you document in your will. Whether you decide to leave MPNRF a specific dollar amount or assets, or a percentage of your estate, we appreciate your generosity at every level. It would be our honor to welcome you into the MPNRF group of legacy supporters. Learn more >>

    We Can Help 
    Contact us by phone or email when you’re ready to discuss how your will can help our collective MPN mission, to stimulate original research in pursuit of new treatments – and eventually a cure – for MPNs.