2021 MPN Progression Research Network Summit

  • MPNRF | October 19, 2021

    The MPN Research Foundation (MPNRF) continued its commitment to furthering our understanding of disease progression by holding its 2nd MPN Progression Research Network Summit on October 15. We convened over 60 representatives from the academic medical community and biopharmaceutical companies, among other key stakeholders, for a three-hour virtual meeting to discuss the state of the science and present the latest progression research being funded by the MPNRF.

    Dr. Andrew Kuykendall, Moffitt Cancer Center, opened the meeting by highlighting recent progress, potential new therapeutic targets, and the role of genomic factors on progression while pointing out that current definitions and research gaps relating to disease progression are limiting progress. 

    Research from six ongoing, year-long progression pilot projects was presented that covered topics ranging from understanding genetic predisposition to  progression to further defining novel therapeutic targets and potential risk biomarkers. Importantly, these projects all demonstrated the importance of cross institutional collaboration to achieve success. 

    Dr. Rick Winneker, Director of Research Strategies, and Kapila Viges, CEO, of MPNRF discussed strategies to bring the research and patient communities together to address research gaps, such as further defining disease progression criteria, risk biomarkers, and new clinical trial endpoints. Overall, the discussion and feedback were very positive with the understanding that this will require long-term commitment from all members of the MPN community.  

    We are grateful to Dr. Raajit Rampal for moderating the meeting and Drs. Srdan Verstovsek and Ruben Mesa for leading the discussion about clinical trial endpoints and addressing other meeting objectives. Progression of MPNs remains a major concern for patients and their physicians. This Summit continued to highlight the need for greater collaboration as we seek to develop the best strategy to address these important questions.