• MPNRF | April 28, 2021

    We are now accepting proposals for MPN Challenge grants. Click here to read the full RFPClick here to access the application. Proposals are due April 3, 2017. 

    Each year we focus on a different element of MPN research. In the past this has included stopping or reversing fibrosis, mechanisms of action of interferon, preclinical JAK2 work, etc. This year we are looking specifically at Eliminating the mutant stem cell directly; Eliminating the mutant stem cell indirectly; Disrupting the microenvironment (or stem cell niche) in which the mutant stem cell lives and thrives.In addition to these 3 topic areas, MPNRF will accept/review any other proposal aimed at more clearly understanding the pathogenesis and progression of the MPNs. 

    Although proposals for potentially paradigm-shifting basic research will be considered, the MPNRF’s research grant funding priority is to support meritorious projects that are most likely to favorably impact the course of disease and quality of life of MPN patients specifically. All proposals received will be initially reviewed by MPNRF Scientific Advisors and then reviewed by a peer review panel selected for this RFP.