MPN Clinical Trial List


Clinical trials are an essential step in the process of discovering new treatments for MPNs. It takes a long time from initial studies in a lab for a therapy to gain FDA approval, to be prescribed by a doctor and available at the pharmacy. You can learn more about that process here

When drugs enter the clinical trial phase, researchers rely on volunteers (both healthy and those with the target disease) to participate in trials to determine if the drug is safe and efficacious. Without the participation of those volunteers, new drugs cannot be approved.

The MPN Research Foundation has compiled a list of MPN trials that are currently recruiting and we plan to update this list on a quarterly basis. There are links to the website for each trial in the document for each trial listed. You may find additional trials not on this list on that website. Our goal is to capture as many trials as possible and to keep the status of each trial up-to-date.

What can you do?

We encourage you to

  1. Review the list
  2. Share the list (or the link to this site) with other patients you know
  3. Consider whether you might be a good candidate for a clinical trial? If the answer is yes..
  4. Print the list and bring it to your next conversation with your doctor.

This list is intended for reference purposes only – it is NOT medical advice.  Patients should consult their doctors on whether any of these trials may be appropriate for them.

Take the steps you need to help change your prognosis.