JoAnn and John Mason’s daughter was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with polycythemia vera. Being a young person and faced with the potential for heart attack, stroke and a host of other complicated health problems, she and her family decided to do something about it. Their decision to find a cure culminated in the creation of the Mason Fund. JoAnn reached out to her network of friends and associates from Washington D.C. who made the first contribution towards the Fund in 2008.

In 2011 the Mason Fund made it’s first grant for MPN research by funding Dr. Shoguang Li’s project through the MPN Research Foundation. This research grant had the specific goal of bringing new MPN therapies to market. If there is to be a cure in the coming years, it will come from this kind of basic research.

To make a donation to the Mason Fund, donate here and make your gift in honor of The Masons. 

For other ways to give, including gifts of stock, contact Kendra Waddington at 312-683-7249 or at