Team MPN to fund research

An MPN all-star: Jen Bealer’s big bike tour

In 2001, Jen lost her Grandma to a Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (MPN). Nearly five years ago, her mom had a blood draw showing her platelet count was over 4 times higher than normal, and she has since been diagnosed with an MPN. Jen’s grandma only had one option for treatment, which had severe complications. Now, 12 years later, Jen’s mom is being successfully treated. The Bealers feel they owe a great deal to the MPN foundation, and try to give back to every way they can. Jen and her brother, along with their awesome friends, rode 40 miles for a cure in the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City on May 5, just in time for Mother’s Day! They raised over $13,000 for MPN research!

Join Jen and become an MPN all-star

Challenge yourself to help find better treatments and a cure for MPN’s by signing up to be an All-Star. Go the distance in the fight against this devastating disease by training for and completing an endurance challenge while raising funds to support the MPN Research Foundation. Contact Bill Crowley at and he will work with you to plan your next event.

As an All-Star, you will have access to fundraising support and, most importantly, you will join a community determined to leave it’s mark in the fight against MPNs.

The funds you raise will go directly to the MPN Research Foundation. Between 2001 and 2013, our knowledge about MPN’s has increased. The MPN Research Foundation has provided key support for virtually every major advance in the MPN’s since 2000.

7 wyas to help if you are not interested in an athletic challenge.

Pledge our next birthday

It’s simple. When your birthday is near, we will remind you to start a fundraising campaign. You will ask your friends and family to donate to find a cure for MPN’s in honor of your big day. The money raised will fund cutting-edge research projects.

Dinner party

Ask your guests to donate what they would have spent on a meal and drinks at a restaurant.

Ask your foursome to donate to the MPN Research Foundation. By giving what they would already spend for a day on the links, they’ll enjoy each other’s company – and learn more about how they can become MPN All-Stars.

Neighborhood Block Party
Set up games like cornhole, badminton or volleyball. Collect donations to play or entry fees for teams.

Movie Night
Charge “admission” or pass around an empty popcorn tub for donations.

Garage Sale

Donate half the proceeds – and let your buyers know it!

Poker or Bridge

Split the winning pot with the MPN Research Foundation. Maybe the winner will donate back to the cause!

Take the steps you need to help change your prognosis.