New grant opportunity for myelofibrosis

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May 6, 2019 The MPN Research Foundation is celebrating our first annual Founder’s Day in memory of Robert (Bob) Rosen, the person who started it all almost 20 years ago. Today, May 6th is particularly special as it was Bob’s birthday, and we look forward to celebrating his legacy on this day for years to come. Bob was diagnosed with polycythemia vera (PV) at a time when finding information about his disease was difficult, and when the medical and research community didn’t know very much about what was making him sick. He knew that something had to change, so he decided to harness the power of individual donors to spark original research in the MPN field. Twenty years, $13 million dollars and 60 funded research projects later, he did just that. Unfortunately, Bob passed away in January 2018 after his PV progressed to myelofibrosis and unexpectedly developed AML unresponsive to treatment. His friends, family, and colleagues here at MPNRF miss him dearly. Bob was an inspiring leader that shaped our mission and subsequent research initiatives. He constantly reminded us to consider the patient perspective and to look for new and innovative ways to approach the many unanswered questions in the MPN space. We are grateful for his devotion to this cause, and will never forget that he and the thousands of other MPN patients around the world are why we are here. If you want to help us continue Bob’s legacy, please click HERE and make a gift to the Robert Rosen Memorial Fund.