Setting the Stage for Breakthroughs in MPN Research

The MPN Research Foundation played a pivotal role in providing the seed money for the development of the MPD Research Consortium (MPD-RC). Founded in 2006, the MPD-RC is the first international consortium of scientists dedicated to advancing MPN research.

The goal of the MPD-RC is to develop novel therapeutic strategies that will improve the management of MPN patients. In addition to performing fundamental research on MPNs, the MPD-RC has built a unique clinical consortium that tests a wide and growing range of potential MPN therapeutic strategies.

One of the major successes achieved by the MPD-RC was the development of the first MPN tissue bank and associated database at the Mayo Clinic. The tissue bank combines rigorous standards with procedures for generously sharing samples for research, and was used for much of the early research on emerging MPN treatments.

We’re Better Together

Our support of the MPD-RC is just one of the ways we express our belief that the most significant advances in MPN research and treatment options occur through the collaboration of stakeholders across the MPN community. Sign up to stay informed about news, updates and clinical opportunities.

Many MPN treatments are currently available!

MPD-RC studies MPN treatment options for patients like Delaney.

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